Reimbursement for UDENYCA

Your step-by-step guide to
UDENYCA® reimbursement


Claim Submission

Following administration of UDENYCA® to the patient, submit a claim to the insurance provider. Coherus COMPLETETM can provide information on the buy-and-bill process to aid in claims submissions on behalf of patients.

Verify Codes Submitted

  • Most claim delays and denials are due to coding errors or failure to complete the form

Verify Patient’s Diagnosis

  • Verify claim diagnosis code matches diagnosis code provided in prior authorization (PA)

File Claims Properly

  • Most payers have a time limit for filing a claim after services are provided
If the patient receives UDENYCA® in a freestanding infusion center or physician office, use
If the patient receives UDENYCA® in a hospital outpatient department, use
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Need help?

For assistance with UDENYCA® claims submission, call 1-844-4-UDENYCA / 1-844-483-3692 or visit the Coherus COMPLETETM Provider Portal.

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