The UDENYCA treatment approval process.

Your step-by-step guide to
UDENYCA® treatment approval


Verify Benefits

Before administering UDENYCA®, complete a product-specific benefits verification to assess your patient’s insurance coverage, benefits details, and payer policy coverage decisions.

Coherus COMPLETETM can assist provider offices with benefits verification. The Coherus COMPLETETM Provider Portal provides a streamlined process:

  • Simplifies enrolling and managing patients’ status via customized pre-populated forms
    • Electronic upload of patient documentation
    • Electronic upload of patient insurance card minimizes data entry
  • Improves communication with Patient Access Specialists
    • Real-time tracking of approval status
    • Fewer errors that delay benefits

Initiate Benefits Verification

  1. Register or log in to the Coherus COMPLETETM Provider Portal.
  2. Select Patient Enrollment.
  3. Select desired service.
Most benefit verification outcomes returned in one business day